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Fulidhoo - Learn to Dive

Fulidhoo - Learn to Dive

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Learning to dive in the maldives will guaranteed give you an experience you will never forget. The water is lovely warm and there is colourful fish and marine life everywhere! Doing your initial course from Fulisdhoo will, besides the great marine environement, provide you a professional education, and a good learning experience. Starting slowly, with the skills in shallow water, you will build up step-by-step, to go diving inside the atoll of Vaavu. But keep in mind, for most people, the diving in Vaavu Atoll is all about getting out to the channels where the currents are thriving along with the big fish! We're talking blue water and sharks, sharks, sharks! Nearby channels - the entrances and exits to the atoll - provide great current, and this attracts large numbers of reef sharks and other pelagics. You will not be diving here during your regular open water course, which is what is included in this package. But... you can chose to upgrade to the "Learn to dive + Deep Dive," where an extra day is added to your course. On this extra day, you go and do the PADI Adventure Deep dive. This consists of studying a chapter from the PADI Advanced course, and do an assessment at depth, which should give you the knowlegde and skills to safely conduct a dive at one of the big channel dive sites. Giving you that mindblowing dive that will stick in your memory forever! This is of course optional for you, and it is also down to the instructor to decide, during your course, if you are ready to go dive the big sites.

As well as an abundance of sharks on the outer reefs, Vaavu Atoll is home to a real variety of reef life. On nearly every reef, you'll find everything from huge Napoleon wrasse, eels, tuna, barracuda and jackfish down to the tiny nudibranches. Schools of eagle rays are common on the bigger dive sites as are turtles and sting rays. From May to December there is a chance to see feeding manta rays not far from the island. But keep in mind, there are a difference between diving inside the atoll and outside the atoll. The corals has taken a hit during the recent El Nino, and are not in great shape inside the atoll. If you are not comfortable diving deeper than 18m, you will be diving mostly inside the atoll, and here, the visibility will not be as great as on the outside, and the corals and marine life will be of lesser wow factor.

Fulidhoo sits on the northern edge of Vaavu Atoll and lies just a few hours away from the equator. At 700m long and 200m wide, it’s not much more than a sliver of sand in the vast ocean. Yet thanks to the availability of fresh water, local vegetation and the bountiful sea, its remote community has thrived for centuries. Arriving on the island, you will quickly feel how your pace slows down as you get lullabyed into island life. There are a few cafe's on this small island, and a beautiful bikini beach in a quiet lagoon, but besides that... there is not much else than lots of green vegetation and white sand. Oh, and the cool fruitbats in the trees, the stingrays feeding around the little jetty in the evening, the friendly people living on the island, their drumming nights and of course the ridiculously blue and warm water surrounding the island.

Introduction to course
The PADI Open Water Diver course is the most popular diving certificate worldwide. After completing this 3-4 day course you are certified to dive to 18m independently with a buddy. The course consists of five modules of learning. You study via self-study workbook and complete a knowledge review. This process is assisted by videos accompanying each chapter to reinforce what you have learned. The instructor reviews everything with you to ensure that everything are confidently understood. The practical learning consists of pool sessions and four open water dives. Dive one and two are conducted at a depth of max 12m and dive three and four are conducted at max 18m. The final stage of the PADI Open Water course is an exam, which is a multiple choice exam covering all that you have learnt. Remember that the course is performance based and not time based. The course generally takes 3 to 4 days, with the theoretical, the pool and the open water part successfully passed.

Itinerary - 6 days and 5 nights
The PADI Open Water Course is performance based. That means you have to understand and pass the theory and perform the in-water skills correctly and with ease. Therefore, the itinerary can vary slightly from course to course. The course will take 3 to 4 days depending on the students enrolled. To give you an idea of what to expect, see the itinerary below.


Fulidhoo - Learn to Dive

Day 1

As you arrive with the ferry, you will spot the dive center right away. It can't be missed. From there, you will be shown to your accommodation to get checked in and get rid of your luggage. Once you've settled, you'll return to the dive center to fill in the necessary paperwork, watch the first videos and discuss the course schedule for the coming days.

Day 2

Theory and confined water sessions

Day 3

Theory and confined or open water session

Day 4

Exam and open water dives

Day 5

This is your day to "off gas". You need to allow 24 hrs between your last dive, and flying. If you are not flying within the next 24 hrs we highly recommend that you go and use your new certificate to do some fundiving!

Day 6

Relax & check out. (Or extend your stay and go fun diving some more!)

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours, after your last dive, before flying.
(some countries will allow you to fly after 18 hours on land).
To read more about the accommodation, see pictures and find out all the little interesting details about this place, the diving and the package in general?? use this link:

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Extra kosten tijdens tour
Local island transfer - from $3 to $30 Local Green Tax $3 per day


4 dives


Your Guesthouse
Seena inn was newly built in 2018 and is located just next to the local school and of course, the beach. (It's all one big beach). The atmospheric guesthouse has a kitchen that serves a simple breakfast in the morning (included).

Your room
The lovely rooms all come with double or twin beds. A third bed can be added for families or for groups of 3. The rooms all have A/C, a fan and hot water in the private bathrooms. The rooms are spacious, light and cozy, with a small private balcony.

Lokaal vervoer

Fulidhoo feels remote, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to get to. It’s a far flung desert island in a convenient location! Situated just south of South Male Atoll, on the northern perimeter of Vaavu Atoll, there are very few resorts in the area, which means that dive sites are often completely deserted and boat traffic is considerably less than in the Male atolls. Despite this, it only takes just over an hour to get here from the capital. There is also a ferry connection between Fulidhoo and Maafushi Island.

Upon booking, the dive center will be notified regarding your arrival date. Please make sure you contact the dive center with your flight information in order for them to arrange your transfer accordingly!
You have the option of travelling by public ferry which departs three times a week, or by daily speedboat (except Fridays).

10 days prior to your trip, you and the dive center will receive an e-mail reminder. If you have not contacted the dive center yet, this is a good time to do so!

You can find all the contact details for the dive center on your voucher.


Only breakfast is included

Fulidhoo - Learn to Dive

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